“Innovations in science and technology are the engines of the 21st-century economy”

A. D. Singh Founder & President FITX 2050, India


Our Vision

With the vision of sparking innovations, we are on a mission to leverage rapid development with foresight technology decisions.

Our Mission

We progress by leveraging technology and making foresight decisions.

“Becoming an unstoppable force with a vision to create a greater tomorrow. We progress by leveraging technology and making foresight decisions. The goal of this exhibition is to spark the courage for new inventions and rapid development.”

A. D. Singh Founder & President FITX 2050, India

Dive into the Future

Imagining, designing and executing FITX 2050 The future is beyond our imagination and so are technical innovations. Transmit future innovation insights with imagination, designs, and execution in our FITX 2050. The higher the risk, the higher the profit. We believe, that the higher the risk, the higher the development. Let's meet with a risk-taking, agile, and foresight attitude to contribute to rapid development. When several brilliant people meet together, they create something brilliant. Participate in the FITX and feel the power of technology.

The leading attitude is insufficient for the future. To make the future beyond the imagination of our present, we must imagine, design, and execute without any restrictions.

FITX, 2050 is FOCUS:
Future of Creative and Unique Space

To challenge the status quo and create a future-ready city powered by future leaders and disruptors, FITX 2050 creates a cohesive innovation ecosystem that consists of accelerator programs, incubators, labs, regulatory sandboxes, and knowledge platforms. Despite their connections, our operations can be broadly divided into five strategic business units: