FITX 2050
The goal of this exhibition is to spark the courage for new inventions and rapid development.

27 & 28 November

Our tagline, "Networking to Innovate and Grow," perfectly captures the essence of our gathering. It is a drive for change rather than just a slogan. We want you to actively contribute to innovation's conception and spread, not merely observe it. We think that when opportunity, knowledge, and ideas come together, innovation thrives.

Business Innovations

The goal of this expo is to create genuine connections among attendees so they may work together to create ground-breaking projects and grow as individuals.

Innovation thrives on collaboration and networking. It is a hub for the exchange of ideas, the creation of alliances, and the emergence of answers to the most important problems facing the globe. In this exhibition, networking is the main focus. We provide you with lots of chances to interact, communicate, and work together. Whether you're an established inventor or a new business owner.

The FITX 2050
AI Artificial Intelligence Man Wearing VR Glasses Virtual Global Future Metaverse
New ERA of Future Technology
Leaving ERA of Futures: India Foresight Principles
The World in 2050-Future of the World base on Future Technology
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Future Innovation Technology Expo 2050

Asia's position in the world of innovation is evident, as it is a place where dreams come true, new ideas grow, and diverse cultural influences come together. The exhibition celebrates Asia's brilliance and encourages its creative potential.

2023 Highlights

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