The primary subject of our exhibition is Asia, a region renowned for its revolutionary spirit and human ingenuity. This region merges ages-old Eastern knowledge with moderntechnology, fostering a spectacular display of progress. Asia's position in the world of innovation is evident, as it is a place where dreams come true, new ideas grow, and diverse cultural influences come together. The exhibition celebrates Asia's brilliance and encourages its creative potential.

Why not add your story to ours? We’re always looking for new ideas, fresh minds and talented individuals for the future we’re collectively creating.

“The backdrop of our mission is India – the original story of inspired ambition that created an innovation hub out of desert sands.”

Many teams. One goal.

You could join our future labs, research team or help in creating a thriving ecosystem for startups. You could put together big conferences that inspire tomorrow’s ideas or be part of the team behind the iconic building that will showcase the future — the Museum of the Future. You could help set the Organisation,s strategic direction or become a part of our dynamic marketing and communications team. Wherever you see yourself, you are part of a collective that is imagining, inspiring and designing India’s future.